Want Silky Smooth Skin In 2022? This is How..

Want Silky Smooth Skin In 2022? This is How..

We’re entering a New Year and it’s still summertime which which means we’re definitely wearing short dresses, bikinis, shorts over jeans, new years resolutions and all. We want to help you stay hair-free & care-free this Year.
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Take a look at these super helpful tips:
  1. Clean shave - We want to stay fresh so a clean shave is a definite recommendation. This avoids the hassle of skin irritation and helps you guide the device along your skin with absolute ease.
  2. Read the manual & Follow The User Guide - We understand that reading a booklet of instructions is quite boring however its vital that you do. It’s important for you as the customer to take it upon yourself to read the instructions and safety hazards so that you’re able to optimise the use of the IPL Pro device and stay safe while using it.

Want Silky Smooth Skin In 2022? This is How.. Buy Now

Make sure to do patch tests on your skin, don’t run over sensitive areas (moles, freckles & tattoos) and use the device as recommended on your preferred light setting. 
Do this and you’ll be happy with your IPL results.
  1. The My Smooth Skin IPL device is pain-free, convenient and affordable however it can also be fun. Imagine how excited & happy you’ll be when all that unwanted hair is no longer there. Once you start your at home IPL treatments, consistently with all the directions & tips we’ve recommended. You will “Never Shave Again.”

My Smooth Skin IPL Device - Want Silky Smooth Skin In 2022? This is How..

Don’t have the My Smooth Skin IPL Pro device yet? What are you waiting for? Buy Now from South Africa’s #1 IPL Hair Removal brand, My Smooth Skin, and lets get that perfect silky skin for the the year 2022.
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