How To Choose The Right IPL Hair Removal Device

How To Choose The Right IPL Hair Removal Device

Removing those unwanted hairs from our bodies has been something to struggle with for ages. In 2022, this is not something to worry about anymore thanks to the groundbreaking eco-friendly hair removal methods that allow to remove the hair permanently, such as IPL hair removal techniques!

Firstly, to even consider IPL hair removal you need to understand what it is and how it works! As simple as I can put it: IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. Home IPL hair removal devices apply very gentle pulses of light to the hair root. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which quickly turns to heat and kills the growing cells that make the hair.

Now, with all the IPL devices available on the market, you are maybe wondering, how to choose the right IPL hair removal device for you, and from which brand or company? And what are the criteria to consider before buying it?

Let's jump straight into it! 

Deciding Criteria For A Quality IPL Laser Hair Removal Device In South Africa

1. Quality Quality Quality

When you buy an IPL device, you are ultimately looking for a long term solution for hair removal. When you buy a cheaper, "no name" device you are likely to be buying an inferior quality device. Within 6 - 24 months, you will surely start seeing why it was so cheap. Brands however, pay more attention into the quality of their manufacturing because they have a name to live up to. Ideally, your device should last you at least 10 years working perfectly!

2. Buy Local🇿🇦

There are a handful of local brands selling IPL Hair Removal devices (including us, Hiii!😅 ). Let me mention, this is not to make a "woke cultural" point. However, by purchasing from a local brand, customer service becomes so much more accessible and practical. Fast delivery and easier returns! Imagine having to pay DHL R800 to return a product to those "other guys" in USA and China😖.

3. Skin Tone & Hair Colour Compatibility

Consider your skin tone and hair colour before choosing your device. Most IPL devices, mostly with older technology will only treat type 1 - type 4 skin tones. With improving technology, there are now devices that treat up to type 5 skin tones


4. Window Size

It is important to know that the application window is the glass surface that will be in contact with your skin during the procedure. The wider the window, the larger the area it will cover. Your choice will then depend on the parts of your body that you need to treat. Ideally, you don't want a window that is too big to hinder treatments on the bikini line for example. In the same way you don't want a window size that is too small to treat large areas like your legs. The ideal window size that allows all body part treatments is 33×10mm2. 

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5. Energy Per Flash

The energy per flash of a IPL device is expressed in “Joules”, it varies between 3 to 9 joules per cm². To choose the right energy for you, you need to identify your skin type and tone. If your skin is thin and sensitive, we recommend devices with lower power, i.e. between 3 and 6 joules per cm². If, on the other hand, your skin is hard enough and can withstand more intense light energy, choose a more powerful IPL device. Newer technology devices like My Smooth Skin have a level selector, which gives you more control over the energy intensity.

6. Warranties & Refunds

As a buyer, you want to protect your purchase as much as you can. Believe it or not, unforeseen circumstances take place and need to be prepared. Whether the courier loses your parcel, or it arrives damaged or maybe malfunctions 10 months later you need to know that you are secured. Before purchasing a IPL Hair Removal Device, consider the brands return policy, warranty policy and money back guarantees etc. Beware, some companies do not offer some of these benefits


At MySmoothSkin we pride ourselves in being experts in IPL technology. There are many more factors to consider, however the above are top priority! Marketing gimmicks like "x amount of flashes" are really irrelevant, if the device is poor quality (it will mechanically fail) so this is not a driving factor. Buy quality, buy convenience, and protect your purchase. I hope this will be helpful to you all:)

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