8 Pro Tips For At-Home IPL Hair Removal

8 Pro Tips For At-Home IPL Hair Removal

Who doesn't want radiant, smooth, and hair free skin without having to shave every morning? 

If you are looking for a more permanent solution for unwanted hair, then at-home IPL hair removal could be a really great option for you. In this blog, we have listed our 8 pro tips that most IPL users are missing.

1. It's recommended not to go in the sun or use a tanning bed within 48 hours of your treatment. IPL works best when your skin is cool, so pick a time when you are relaxed and not hot from having a hot shower or doing strenuous exercise.

2. Before treatment, make sure you shave. You can shave 10 minutes before treatment, or wait up to 12 hours if you have sensitive skin. In addition to that we recommend you exfoliate the area of treatment. The purpose of shaving is so that the light from the IPL reaches the hair root more effectively. Dare try to zap without shaving and you will have quite an unpleasant smell of burnt hair.

3. Do not wax. The purpose of a IPL treatment is to send intense light into the hair, convert it to heat and destroy your hair follicles. What will absorb the heat, if there are no hair follicles? Your skin! That means burn marks.

4. Select the right light intensity for your skin tone. The lighter your skin tone is, the higher the intensity level you can use and vice versa. If you have brown skin tone, it's recommended you stick to lower levels (1 - 3). Lower levels emit less light which can prolong your treatment, however you can do your treatment up to twice a week (Once a week is the standard). In regards to hair colours, darker hair follicles are the easiest to treat, because the IPL targets the hair’s pigment, while grey, blonde and red pigments can be tricky, as do darker skin tones.

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5. Activate glide mode, to treat larger areas fast. The device will automatically generate a light pulse at regular intervals as you move the unit over the treatment area. This allows for continuous treatment without having to manually activate the pulse with the button each time, which is slower. Simply move the device over the skin with smooth, steady motions and the glide mode will take care of producing all the light pulses you need. Hold the zap button for 3 seconds to activate glide mode.

6. Put the device against your skin completely to trap the light within the IPL window, to maximise effectiveness. This will also protect your eyes from the intense light. If you have sensitive eyes, we have made Anti Flashes protective eyewear available for you

7. After your treatment, your skin is quite sensitive. Allow your skin to cool down before exposing yourself to the sun. We recommend applying (aloe vera) cooling gel or any lotion with SPF. Naturally, it makes it ideal to do your treatments in the evenings doesn't it?

8. Its not a quick fix, so enjoy the process! IPL is not only for hair removal but has some great skin rejuvenation benefits. It helps with ingrown hairs, rejuvenate the skin and overall smoother skin. Remember, IPL Hair Removal is a 12 week treatment. You will notice slower, smooth hair growth right off the bat but essentially you will notice no hair growth at all in 12 weeks. In addition to that, you have to keep in mind that each hair follicle has its own life thats why you see faster results in some areas of your body, and slower results or patches in some areas. After 12 weeks of consistent treatment we recommend having 1 treatment every month to maintain your results.

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Hi, the glide function on my device only sometimes works. For the majority of the time, it will work for a few minutes and then stop. Then I have to unplug the whole device and restart which is very frustrating, especially if I want to be covering larger areas. I actually often eventually give up cause it just stops working so frequently during treatment. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated

Christine Behr

Hi there.
I just purchased one of you products from Onedayonly. I have used it twice. And then today it just won’t work. The lights go on and everything but the laser won’t work.
How do I go about to get exchange for new one. I really love the product. No issues with it. I just want one that works.
Thank you!
Kind regards,

Rika Briers

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