Read: MySmoothSkin IPL Hair Removal Review By @kirstydt

Read: MySmoothSkin IPL Hair Removal Review By @kirstydt


PR/Brand manager Kirsty du Toit got her hands on MySmoothSkin IPL Hair Removal & surprised us with her feedback. In her blog she writes, "Back in the day, I was one of those girls who never skipped a monthly facial or laser appointment, but as time passed and as responsibilities slowly crept up on me, my priorities changed, and laser appointments slowly but surely drifted further and further down the “luxury spend” list – much to my disappointment.

But as I stepped into 2021, and welcomed my 33rd birthday, I also welcomed a new little best friend into my life, called MySmoothSkin."

It gets pretty interesting!

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Blog Review by: Kirsty du Toit


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